Wednesday, March 23, 2016

News from Laulhère

A large shipment from Oloron Sainte Marie arrived in Wellington yesterday with much news and all familiar Laulhère berets are well stocked again too!
Laulhère has been awarded the sole rights to supply the official beret for the XV rugby games by the French Rugby Federation. The beret proudly shows the finely embroidered Gallic rooster, the limited edition ‘XV DE FRANCE ‘ label and the Laulhère silver pin. These berets come in their own édition limitée XV de France giftbox.
The foulard Super Basque is Laulhère's oldest foulard label that has been continuously in production for decades. The Super Basque is a 10p/28cm diameter black beret of foulard quality merino wool (impermeable), fitted with a luxurious leather headband and black satin lining. This foulard comes in a Laulhère gift bag.
Also new is the field or winter version of the Tarte Alpin in black. A heavy weight beret of 210grams pure merino wool; the best, warmest and most comfortable protection from the elements you could possibly wish for!
And after a (too) long period of sold out sizes/colours, the bérets Mademoiselle, Vrai Basque – Chasseurs Ardennais and Basque Authentique are well restocked.

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