Friday, March 4, 2016

Vintage Spanish Postcard

I found this old postcard on an auction site, part of a series of national costumes. This picture depicts a Basque fisherman, typically wearing a black beret. There is no publishing date on the postcard, but it carries a postage stamp of the Spanish Republic, so likely from somewhere in the 1930's. 


  1. I played around a bit with it in gimp, and I think the postage stamp shows 12.IV 1934. Since the text mentions regards for Pfingsten (Pentecost) this date would fit in.

    From what I can make out in the text:

    Liebe Ida
    Recht frohe Pfingstgrüsse!
    Wirst Du ...... .....
    ...... ?
    Warum lässt Du gar nichts
    von Dir hören ? - schreibe
    nur frisch von der Leber
    weg !
    Für heute herzlichst Hilde

    1. Great job! You got a lot farther than I did, Thanks