Saturday, March 12, 2016


The Marriage of Ramuntcho is a film French by Max Vaucorbeil, released in 1947. It is considered the first French film in color.
George, a handsome and famous Parisian painter, travels to the Basque Country to seek inspiration. Sensitive to the charms of Maritchu, a young girl from the country, he will do everything to keep her away from Ramuntcho, with whom she is betrothed.
Ramuntcho lives of the smuggle trade between France and Spain. He is also excellent in pelotari and knows the songs and local dances. Ramuntcho is according to his friends the "king of the mountain".
At the same time, Ramuntcho plans a big smuggling scheme. This is risky, but enabling him to reap a hundred thousand francs, he could buy a farm to live with Martichu. He gets caught by French Customs and is jailed in Bayonne. It is ultimately Georges who will pay the bail  to release the hero and the wedding Ramuntcho and Maritchu will indeed take place.
Not only were there many different posters (showing berets) released, there was also a beret label named 'Ramuntcho'.

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