Thursday, June 9, 2016

Beret Label Evolution

Some French beret labels have been used for many generations and are still available; Pedrito and L'Aiglon are some good examples.
However, the labels didn't stay the same, but were modernized over time. 
'Taking the Pedrito label for example, we first see some minor changes to the face of 'little Pedro', making him look a bit fuller, the neck a little shorter. The latest version is typical of our times: 'branding' (the name Laulhere and 'made in France' prominently on the much more stylized label, without the romantic background that was popular in the 1950's.
The l'Aiglon label saw less drastic changes; it used to be a label under the Laulhere ELO range and this was visible on the label. The latest version is "cleaner" and again, has the 'made in France' added. As the l'Aiglon label is not in production anymore (only in small quantities reinstated for South Pacific Berets), there is no update with the name Laulhere added to the label.
Both berets can still be found under the Laulhere heading here.

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  1. I like the originals the best. They didn't need any changes - no improvement necessary.