Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bernardo Razquin

He was born in 1906 and died 84 years later: Bernardo Razquin. Several generations of Mendozans (and from neighboring provinces) remember him for his knowledge of meteorology. Without high school, his education was the mountain, the birds and the plants.
His knowledge of meteorology, cold morning frosts and the heat of the day, with minimum and maximum included, were his forte. His name was also closely linked to mountain climbing. He capped twice the summit of Aconcagua and participated in dozens of expeditions to the "roof of America" ​​and in recent years was pleased to plant hundreds of trees in different places of Mendoza. One was in the current bus terminal, where he spent his childhood. 
His body was buried in the cemetery of the Capital, but years later it was taken to the heights so loved. He shares the place with other climbers, next to Route 7, Puente del Inca. 

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