Friday, June 17, 2016

Naked London

Nakedme is an artistic collaboration by Australian partners Sam Hatfield and Fiona Skelton. They work across a range of formats including video, illustration, music, spoken word, installation, live performance art and public interactive performance. 
I came across Nakedme on a Dutch political web site, hassling Facebook, Paypal and other US companies for their moral puritan stances laid on to people across the globe (no bare breasts on Facebook, no transactions on anything that can be associated with sex, etc). 
From interested I turned delighted to see Fiona wearing a beautiful Hispano Basque beret in naturel (and not much else).
Follow the eccentric duo's morning routine as they prepare to go bare rollin' across London. The crusaders without clothes dance in the raw at Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, the Tate Modern and Abbey Road.

1 comment:

  1. Cute video. I didn't know about the Facebook and Paypal restrictions. Why would they care? More moralising from the big corporations. It's all about controlling us. Puritanical mores, really.