Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ibarrola's Sculpture Garden in Reinosa

Ibarrola pays homage to generations of metalworkers in Reinosa
Twelve large silhouettes made of steel, designed by the Basque sculptor Agustín Ibarrola and made by iron forgings plant Gerdau, commemorate today generations of steelworkers who have built the past and present of the Cantabrian town of Reinosa on the Ebro.
The sculptures have been erected in a new park next to the river, a meeting between the two banks of the Ebro, between the old part of Reinosa and its industrial zone, between its past and present.
Ibarrola has been commissioned to choose where he wanted to see his work.
Ibarrola has followed step by step the whole process of forging his twelve metal workers, weighing 3 tons each at 2.5 – 3 meters tall.
For President of Cantabria Diego, Ibarrola is synonymous with "commitment"; a person and an artist of "deep convictions" that led him to always act "in a straight, clear line, despite the difficulties."
He also stressed the commitment and effort of Gerdau workers and company, who have managed to overcome a difficult period together to move forward, looking ahead. Gerdau CEO is confident that the smelters have been able to capture on metal Ibarrola ideas, which resulted in his view, "a good synthesis of art and industrial effort".

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