Wednesday, June 1, 2016


A courageous World War I war dog was widely hailed a hero, after battling bravely through no man’s land to deliver a life-saving message to French troops during the Battle of Verdun in WW I.
The wonder dog, named rather strangely, Satan, was assigned the dangerous task of delivering the message from French commanders, that contained the words that would bring vital relief to the besieged soldiers under heavy attack by the Germans.
The life-saving message read: “For God’s sake hold on. We will relieve you tomorrow.”
With gas mask in place, two baskets containing carrier pigeons on his back, and a brass tube attached to his collar with the communication securely stored inside, Satan dashed determinedly towards the desperate men.

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  1. Satan comes through again. Good dog! The animals rush to save humans from their insanity of waging war.