Friday, June 3, 2016

Yves Floc'h

Yves Floc'h (1906 - 1990) was the eldest son of farmers who lived on a small farm in Karrpont in Finistère, an isolated community in Brittany. Yves Floc'h spoke only Breton till the age of six.
His talent for drawing was noted by the parish priest. He painted scenes for the theater company before following artistic training in Lesneven, evening classes of Fine Arts, before studying in Paris.
He acquired a professorship of drawing and taught at Saint Die, in 1934. In 1938, he married Marguerite Villard (an artist herself), whom he had met at Bleun-Brug Pleyben in 1935. Mobilized in September 1939, he became a prisoner at Dunkirk until his release in late 1940 and moved to Dinan, in Côtes d'Armor. He never left; is remembered as an outstanding teacher.  The life and career of Yves Floc'h reflect the same essential unity as in his work: the permanent influence of Brittanny, fascination for light, tenacious perseverance of a vocation. 

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