Monday, June 6, 2016

Circus Maladolli

I found it hard to find detailed information on Cincinnatus Maladolli, an illustrious equestrian and circus owner, but what I did find is shared here.
Born in 1869, heir of a wealthy banking family, he set up his own circus.
He was a generous men, looking well after his staff of artists and workers (paying them in cash promptly every Friday afternoon) and helping other circuses in the region.
On his farm he had a huge number of animals that attracted masses of village children.
'Professor Maladolli' died at 99 years and his last wish was to have the hoofprint of his favourite horse on his grave.


  1. I can give you a hundred stories about CM , one of my ancestors . Regards .

    1. Please do! I would love to hear (especially if there are any berets thrown into the mix).
      Thanks for your response.