Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Prosper Blancq, Olibet & Cie

I feel very lucky to have got in touch with Marc Ancely, member of the Blancq Olibet family, who not only proved an enormous source of information for me on French berets, but also sent me some beautiful material about the company's history, like these pieces posted here.
Pieces from a different era, but then, BEATEX-Laulhere's new web site came alive not long ago... French berets from Oloron are still going strong!

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  1. Yes! In fact, Laulhere (Beatex's retail brand) is now in the United States and Canada. Among our beret brands you'll find Hoquy, Compan, Vrai Basque and many others. What's more is that our line of high fashion women's wear is based on the beret knowledge we've gained in our 170 years of operation. Visit www.LaulhereUS.com to learn more.