Thursday, May 13, 2010

Away 1

Moving to New Zealand has been one of the best decisions I've ever made, but... there are also disadvantages. My aging parents, 20.000 km's away, is one of them. 
Realizing that time is running out, I had to take the plunge and booked a flight to the old country a few months ago, but then that dreaded phone call came a few days back: "may be best if you'd come as soon as you can...". 
So... I am away for the next two weeks.
Not wanting to stop the daily posts to The Beret Project, I made a selection of photographs from my files; maybe not the best of posts, but at least interesting, funny, historic, sexy, or at least amusing beret-related pictures - one photograph a day. 
South Pacific Berets stays 'open' and most orders will be processed during my absence. It may take some extra time though and in the worst case, your order may be shipped on the 28th of May, after my return (but that's a worst case scenario...).
I'll be back on the 28th! Till then...

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