Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The NZ Series #14 - Secret Service Berets

Regular readers of this blog know how rare a sight it is to see (male, non-military) New Zealanders with a beret and I am always on the look out for  pictures of this rare species. 
When attending our niece's wedding on Waiheke Island earlier this month, my partner Megan spotted a limousine pulling up with some high ranking passengers: the baron and baroness d'Putiki Rotschild,  accompanied by what is obviously not-so-secret secret police or some other kind of security.  

I love it how  these bodyguards live up to their image; it's not just the mafia style dress, tan and dark sunshades of the guys involved, it's the black Basque beret in a place where one would least expect one.
I do appreciate them all posing for the camera. 
Thanks, Megan 


  1. I hate to break it to all the BERET PROJECT readers but the Baron de Rothschild is a member of the M.A.D. i had mentioned on a previous post! He is aiming for the 1-world-government and the mark of the beast!

    However (can you conceive??) wouldn't it be nice that they forced upon the nations the Beret Basque? LOL....maybe the pics you took are just a not-so-secret prelude to what they have in store for us...ya think?