Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Among photographers, Rober Capa must be the most famous for wearing a beret, and with good reason; how much less would we know of the horrors of the Spanish Civil war if it had not been for Capa's great work?
Of course, it is not a coincidence that the beret is so popular with photographers and cameramen; there is no peak that get's in the way and it sits solidly on the head in any weather.
Au Jardin de Luxembourg, 1930 
Then many people who read this blog will know about Seattle photographer Ron Greer, the man who introduced me to the Spanish berets by Boinas Elosegui

And, of course, berets makes great advertising for camera's:

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  1. All phototographers need a South Pacific Beret! And I love my new Elosegui Super Lujo. Daan rocks!

    in appreciation

    Alan Knowles