Saturday, May 29, 2010


Dear readers and followers of this blog,
Thank you so much for sticking with me! Jet-lagged behind the computer it is great to see how many people returned every day to this site (and thank you for all the encouraging comments regarding my father - it is much appreciated). A great incentive to continue and do better than what you've seen over the past two weeks. 
Dr Al and myself, on our grand Citroen DS-tour through the Belgian Ardennes at a stop at the Hombourg Railway station Cafe
To start with, just a few pic's of my beret-wearing brother and friends during my time in the Netherlands and, from tomorrow, back to the "normal" posts.

Emile Kolthoff, skipper of the ST37
All those people who have ordered berets through South Pacific Berets, your orders will be processed and send out today!
FriendsTruus and Al, at a Verviers cafe

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