Friday, October 21, 2011

Ahmed Rehab

From the web site of Ahmed Rehab, great reading:
Ahmed Rehab during College Years
"During my college years, I was known to wear a beret. One day, a brother approached me and chided me for it, “Why are you wearing a French hat? You’re not French.” I responded, “Why are you wearing an Afghan Kufi? You’re not Afghan.” He said that “Kufis are worn by Muslims; hence it’s a Muslim hat.” I told him I am a Muslim and I wear this beret; hence it’s a Muslim beret.” He told me, so you equate the beret with a Kufi or Turban?” I told him, “In fact , yes I do.” He said, “Did you know that our prophet wore a Turban?” I told him, “Yes, but so did Abu Jahl and Abu Lahab, it was the standard of his time, not a divine decree or even a personal conscious choice.” He asked me, “Do you even know anything about Islam?"
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  1. Ahmed Rehab does a great job refuting the illogical assumptions of religion. Too bad the link goes nowhere as I'd have enjoyed reading the entire story.