Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Bérets Blancq-Olibet at South Pacific Berets!

They are in, the top quality Bérets Blancq-Olibet! Well over two years since starting South Pacific Berets, I can now introduce some of the very best berets available in the world today.
Beautiful berets made by the oldest beret manufacturer still operating: Blanq-Olibet from Nay in the French Béarn (since 1819).
The berets are marketed under the labels BakarraVrai Basque and Pébéo. The company also supplies the French army and a number of couture houses such as Agnès B andLacoste
The Blancq-Olibet berets we stock at South Pacific Berets are the lined Bakarra's without headband and the manufacturers top-of-the-range models under the labels Bakarra (Basque for: "The One and Only"),  Pébéo (abbreviation for "Prosper BlancqOlibet") and Vrai Basque (or "True Basque"). These are not only the manufacturers top-models, but also the highest quality we stock at South Pacific Berets
Last, we stock the famous beret (or "Tarte") of the Chasseurs Alpins.
All French berets are measured flat in pouces (1 pouce = 27.9mm = 1.098"); with the headband added the beret will seem slightly smaller than that measurement. 

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