Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Dutch Series #6 - 1960's Family Life

I stumbled on this picture by accident, from the blog of Sagita Vogelaar: www.Belichtingstijd.blogspot.com.
Stompwijk, 1967 ©Adriana Oliehoek
Seeing it caused an instant flashback to my childhood in a 1960's Dutch suburb; my dad, with beret of course, coming home on his bike for lunch and all those other fathers on their bikes, in Deux Chevaux, VW's and Fiat 850's.
A bygone era...
Sagita's dad seems to be riding a Kreidler Florett, one of the most popular mopeds at the time. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this photo and your memories in Holland. For the devastation and the pointless ness of war was very evident throughout europe in fifties and sixties. The use of the moped was/is iconoclastic.

    Britain, being more hilly as opposed to the plains of the Netherlands, The motorcycle was more common. My memories, mostly of motorcyclists in berets with goggles and huge oilskin coats.

    My trip to Austria in 1963, was a scenery awash with similar scenes of mopeds, bicycles and tri-cars with farm implements in rear box. The salty tang of the morning air, men taking caffee and a shot of brandy in little kiosks and cafes. Ropes of garlic, boxes of fish ......... les poisons, sweet! ....... Cheers Jamie.