Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pinky and Perky

Pinky and Perky is an animated children's television series first broadcast by the BBC in 1957, revived in 2008 as a CGI animation.
The title characters are a pair of anthropomorphic puppet pigs created by Czechoslovakian immigrants Jan and Vlasta Dalibor. The puppets, who had only very limited movements, looked very alike. Pinky wore red clothes and Perky blue, but this distinction was little use on black and white TV, so Perky often wore a beret.
Pinky and Perky spoke and sang in high-pitched voices created by re-playing original voice recordings at twice the original recorded speed, while the backing track was played at half normal speed. 
Surprisingly, the puppets also appeared on TV in the USA on a number of Ed Sullivan shows — on 23 February 1964 they shared the bill with The Beatles and Morecambe and Wise. 
Jan and Vlasta Dalibor


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