Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sterkowski of Warsaw

Sterkowski is a Polish hat manufacturer with a history that goes back to 1926, the year that Anna Sterkowski began trading on Warsaw's Kazimierz Square, to support her family after her husband died in a car crash. 
Zygmund Sterkowski helped set up the hat manufacturing business and, after interruptions because of the war, the company grew to 50 employees by 1948, manufacturing hats, shirts and overcoats.
Over time, the focus became more and more on hats, with Zygmund an active participant in the 'Technical Progress Club', Examination Committees and giving lectures to artisans all over the country. 
He has introduced various new techniques, along with his sons Markiem (M.Sc. chemist) and Jerzym (MSc electronics engineer) for hats made ​​of woven cloth instead of felt.
In 1979, Mark Sterkowski opened in his own company under the name: Laboratory of caps and hats, 
Markiem Sterkowski. 
It is this company that manufactures the pictured beret; a nice enough quality hat, but really, not a Basque beret (despite the pretty label stating so). The 'beret' is made of two pieces of woven wool sewn together and has a  txortena sewn on top (!). 


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  2. ale czad! robota prawie jak od Sterkowski który też robi piękne berety.