Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back! (2)

Yes, back at the bottom of the world after 2.5 weeks of travelling, researching, negotiating and buying in Spain and France, meanwhile enjoying some great hospitality on both sides of the Pyrenees, meeting the friendliest and most interesting people.
Self portrait with my (youngish) mother in Holland
You'll see (photographic) evidence of the trip over the next weeks, here on The Beret Project, but with the enormous amount of work waiting for me at present (orders to be shipped, the pile of un-answered mail, boxes of berets that need sorting, photographing and listing on the web site), I am happy to have set up a few posts in advance for the next few days. "New" posts will follow.
At the Laulhere factory (with my brother/beret spy Emile) in Oloron Sainte Marie
Here some first pic's though - more will follow soon.
At the French/Spanish border with our fantastic rental Fiat 500, wearing a Limited Edition
Thanks for all those visitors and customers who sent kind messages and expressed their missing of a good daily dose of beret-stuff!
Now, first the orders. Everyone who ordered a beret over the last 2 weeks: I'll post today, so most customers should receive it within the next 10 working days.
The interior of a Fiat 500, with Basco Roma
I gathered a mega load of material. Scanned dozens and dozens of beautiful pictures from books and in libraries, collected vintage material here, there and everywhere, made pic's of the whole manufacturing process at Laulhere, etc., etc. It's all coming.
Breaking in my new maroon Casquette in the Belgian Ardennes
Thanks for staying with me and enjoy!

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