Monday, September 2, 2013


Back! well, at the time of writing, I haven't even left yet, but if all goes well, yes, I should return to Wellington and my berets today.
An update will follow soon and all berets ordered from South Pacific Berets over the last weeks will be posted today! Thank you for staying with me!


  1. Oooops, Daan,

    are you really smoking a giant joint on this foto??? :-)
    It looks so... ?
    oh my god, I'm dizzy, only by looking at this foto... :-)

    Best wishes from Rechtenstein (Germany)


    1. Not only NZ'ers are unaware of the 'reet cigar', it seems Germans can be taught too! Typha latifolia (Bulrush, Common Bulrush, Broadleaf Cattail, Common Cattail, Great Reedmace, Cooper's reed, Cumbungi) is a perennial herbaceous plant in the genus Typha. It is found as a native plant species in North and South America, Europe, Eurasia, and Africa.
      Smoking these is actually pretend-smoking - no smoke is inhaled, let alone intake of nicotine and tar.
      Great fun for kids and cherished memories for this old Dutchman...

  2. Thanks for the briefing, Daan.
    TYPHA LATIFOLIA... offcourse I know it!

    But I guess, I've never smoked it (maybe in my childhood...but I've forgotten it). During my childhood I've smoked "cane" (Juncus), it's small like "zigarrilos", not such a huge "cigar" like Typha latifolia... hahahahaha...
    but the next days I will look for Typha... now I need it... I'm turned on... :-)

    Thanks for the tip!