Thursday, September 19, 2013

On SPECIAL: Bérets Bayadère

On SPECIAL now for a limited period: the Béret Bayadère 9.5p/267mm at a discounted price!  
The bérets bayadère are inspired by the interbellum's Roaring Twenties, or "Années Folles" ("crazy years"); Parisian jazz clubs and a hunger in people to express themselves and shed off the old conformative shells of society.
The term bayadère has two meanings: "dancer", from the Portuguese "bailadeira", and "fabric in striped, bright colours". The berets bayadère come in a variety of these multi-coloured linings, similar to those berets of the era that are now showcased in museums.
Beautiful berets in both appearance, touch and comfort!
Only for a limited time at a discounted price:

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