Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nikki Dagostino's Red Beret

Nikki Dagostino is recognised as Australia’s youngest extremely fashionable and entertaining female Accordionist. From a young age Nikki Dagostino developed a deep passion for music with a strong love for performing and teaching.
Born in Perth, Western Australia from Italian heritage, she began studying classical piano at age 9 and discovered the beautiful sound of the piano accordion at age eleven. 
Nikki’s solo accordion act “Red Beret” caters for many audiences, atmospheres and event themes. Her repertoire ranges from the Couture to the Contemporary- reminiscing vintage classics, contemporary commercial hits and dance, German Polkas, Italian Waltzes, Tango’s and Tarantella’s and exquisite renditions of French favourites, ideal for ambient background music which includes Edith Piaf’s well loved repertoire.
With the addition of double bass and acoustic guitar, Nikki has developed the Red Beret Trio which combines the exotic sounds of gypsy jazz, married with Spanish and cafe flavours. A delightful Musical treat!

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