Saturday, November 2, 2013


Beret! is the notorious group of American's that became so angry, they had no American means of expression and were forced to be reborn by their hate into a world of moustaches, wine, cigarettes, and stripes. The Frenchest thing to come out of America since taste, Beret! is a three-piece with singer Jacques Merde, bassist and singer Albert Fausse-Couche, and drummer Henri En Coule. 
Proclaiming that "only Americans need guitars",

Beret! is simply bass, drums, and a few Frenchmen screaming as loud as they can. Combine that with an angry mob of French hooligans at the show for the sole purpose of being the hardcore-dancing fist to back Beret!'s words of anger, and there you have Beret!
The stripes, the smoke, the'ten coule.

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