Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pamela Green with Beret

Pamela Green (1929 – 2010) was an English glamour model and actress, best known at the end of the 1950s and early 1960s. She modeled for Zoltán Glass, Horace Roye, Jean Straker, Joan Craven and John Everard.
Green started figure modelling to pay for her art school studies and moved on to photographic modelling because it paid more. 
In 1954 Pamela started to supply the bookshops and newsagents of London's Soho with her own postcard sets of glamour photographs, to supplement her work as a photographer's model. 
Her first film appearance was in 1960, when she starred in Michael Powell's psychological thriller Peeping Tom, which included her in a nude scene. In the scene, a model (Green) lays naked on a bed to be photographed. In one scene one of her breasts is exposed very briefly. The scene is regarded as the first female nude scene in a postwar English language mainstream feature film. The film was panned by the critics at the time and it destroyed Powell's career in the United Kingdom. In 1961, Green appeared in the nudist film Naked as Nature Intended, written and directed by Marks.

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