Thursday, November 21, 2013


On SPECIAL now: Txapelduns, at a discounted price from the old standard price!.
The txapeldun is the quintessential Basque beret, the most perfect embodiment of a tradition that goes back centuries, a symbol for champions (in the Basque Country the txapeldun is often used as a trophy in competitions of sports and the brain), the ultimate protection from sun, rain and snow for the Basque shepherds in the Pyrenees mountains, a hat widely adopted by artists with a reminiscence of the Renaissance and generally, a fantastic beret to wear.
South Pacific Berets sells two sizes of txapelduns, the 15" and the very-very large diameter in 16" (which is respectively 13.7" and 14.6" in US sizes and 34.9cm and 37.2cm in the metric system).
It takes a bit of courage to wear a txapeldun, but once you do - you won't want anything smaller. Most customers buying our txapelduns find it an excellent hat for hiking and tramping, offering the best possible protection from any weather and still easy to roll up and fit in a daypack or pocket.

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