Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Basque Smurfs from Bilbo

I am still a bit puzzled by these "Basque Smurfs", a book advertised as: "The Untold Story of the Basque Smurfs'.
I have posted on Smurfs before, but apart from the blue paper this comic is printed on, I see little resemblance of the Smurfs of my youth. But yes, there are a good number of berets in this comic.
The author, Piru, has sold his comics for years through shops in Bilbao at the rate of 4 photocopied sheets for 1 Euro. Now you can buy the whole collection in one piece - a collectors item of sorts, I guess....

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  1. Nice….. I am not a smurf but I am going to use a blue beret as my trademark soon. Thea T. (dutch but living in the USA)