Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jesus Mari Arruabarrena

Jesus Mari Arruabarrena is a photographer from Euskal Herria, the Basque Country, and in me he has found a great admirer. Obviously, the many berets featured in his works play a role, but much more the humanity that speaks from his photographs.
Arruabarrena paints a picture of Basque life in its many facets; old traditions, street photography, but also subjects like cruelty to animals.
Arruabarrena studied at the Centre of Video Studies in Madrid and followed workshops by Antoine D´Agata, Giorgia Fiorio, José Manuel Navia, Ricy Dávila, Oscar Molina, Juan Valbuena, Arianna Rinaldo, Matias Costa and Victor Steinbserg.takes. He takes part in the (National Geographic) project: “Conocer España”, gives photography workshops in in some of the cultural centres in Biscay as well as workshops on documentary photography in UEU (Basque Summer University).

So far, he has published four books of photography, but not all are readily available through bookshops. I ordered mine directly from the author

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