Saturday, January 11, 2014

Back in Town!

Yes, back in town - a few days earlier than planned and a real treat to find all these new berets waiting here for me! But first of all, hope you all had a good start in 2014!
DEER beret in grey wool at Tinopai, Kaipara Harbour
Meanwhile, all orders placed over the last 19 days have been posted this morning. Most customers will receive their parcel within the next 10 working days, customers across the Tasman a few days sooner.
DEER beret, mangrove forest Kerikeri
Beret-wise, there is much to anticipate over the next few weeks and as soon as I manage to find the time to compose the South Pacific Berets Newsletter, I'll share it all with you.
For now, just a few unashamed selfies from my time up North. Great weather, requiring mainly the small diameter DEER beret, cotton Tolosa Tupida (in sun-washed green) and, of course, my new favourite: the Auloronesa (with my beloved Citroen C8 in the background).

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  1. HI Daan, welcome back and Happy 2014!

    Have you already seen Bobbel Boy's new
    "Santa Claus Beret" ?:-)