Thursday, January 16, 2014

Minnie the Minx, with Beret

Minnie the Minx is a fictional character in the British comic The Beano. Created and originally drawn by Leo Baxendale, she first appeared in issue 596, dated 19 December 1953, making her the third longest running Beano character, behind only Dennis the Menace and Roger the Dodger. She is considered to be from the golden age of British comics.
Minnie is known as a typical Tom-Boy, preferring mischievous and violent antics over that that would be normal to a typical ten year old girl. As opposed to Dennis' boisterous menacing methods, Minnie favours a more impish style of causing trouble which she refers to as 'Minxing'. Despite this, she is still keen to get into brawls much like her other fellow Beano characters. 
She also seems to have a distinct hatred for snob-like behaviour and spoilt children. Minnie can be deemed as hyperactive as evident in several strips which show her destroying furniture in her home or a shop whilst playing one of her games. She also considers herself to be a rebel citing she hates people telling her what to do.
Like Desperate Dan from The Dandy, she has a statue in Dundee.

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