Friday, January 31, 2014

The Self-Unwrapping of a Masterpiece

Regular visitors of The Beret Project are well acquainted with my friend Pieter; former wine-merchant, graphic designer and "general artist" who only wears clothes (and berets) in bordeaux (maroon). 
Only a little while ago, Pieter received the last beret in the 'Bordeaux Series', the ultra-large 37cm diameter txapeldun, and sent me evidence of the parcel unwrapping itself: 
Pieter publishes one of the best blogs I know of: ROSKAMOX TXAPELDUN; alas, it is all in Dutch, but although you'll miss the finer details, you still get a long way with Google Translate


  1. I daily look out to The Beret Project. It's every time a pleasure again to see what interesting baret wearers are portrayed and to learn to know something about them.
    Unaware to see figuring myself I was pleasantly surprised to see the blog coloring bordeaux. Thanks, I still feel honoured! I like that picture in the wine cellar very much, because it reminds me of my former period as wine merchant, when I was visiting cellars wearing an at most 31 cm black beret, for at that time I nowhere could find a bordeaux one. But South Pacific Berets made it happen, and HOW!

  2. That video looks cool but freaky.