Saturday, January 11, 2014

NEW: Special Editions for South Pacific Berets

Another two models, specially made for South Pacific Berets by Laulhère.
First, the Special Edition Béret Bayadère in 10p (280mm) with Hendaye lining and presented in a solid, black gift box. Laulhère's top quality beret in it's very best finishing. One of the best berets available, anywhere and some very fierce competition for both the Super Exposition and Boinas Elosegui's Limited Edition.
Only available here:éret-bayadère.php 
And also new and specifically made for South Pacific Berets is the very special edition of the "Tarte Alpin": a 11.5p/12p edition carrying one of the world's most popular labels, the 'Basque Authentique'. 
Dark navy, top quality heavy weight merino wool beret, sized without headband.
Diameter 11.5p for sizes 57 and 58; 12p for sizes 59-61.
Only available here:


  1. Seeing this little web page, I make bold to ask: is there any known news about Laulhere fakes? Here in America I see too many Laulhere berets with $100 pricetags, but miserable quality. Anyone know?

    1. Hello Harry,
      I have not come across any fake Laulhere berets, or heard about any fakes. I do know that the 'Hoquy' model was pretty much the standard beret for export to the US for decades and, apart from the last 3 years with Laulhere under new management, quality of these berets was not great.
      Also, I often see hat shops charging amazing prices for berets that i sell at 30 or 40% of that price, in the US and especially in the UK.