Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Monument for a Painted Tree

This photograph (above) is unfortunately the only evidence of the painted tree that once dominated the top of our driveway (and yes, there is hardly any paint to be seen - it's a shame). I painted the tree years ago, as an homage to Agustin Ibarrola and it sure was a Ngaio landmark.
But then, the tree died (no, not because of the paint; drought) and had to be removed. Youngest daughter Emira in tears (it was her favourite tree), so we had to do something.
What better than a beret-themed monument on the very stump of the tree? Iron, foam, wood and concrete on a wood base, topped off with a ceramic house number 60 in mosaic, covered by a navy txapeldun


  1. What's the bike in the first photo? Looks like an early 80s sort of superbike. Is this another hobby we have in common?

    1. It's a Honda V4 750 Sabre, 30 years old and still going well. Colour matches my txapeldun in bordeaux nicely...