Friday, September 5, 2014

Estancia La Margarita

Estancia La Margarita started back in 1870 when Enrique Forgues, who was born in France, purchased 7000 hectares of land in Tapalqué and proceeded to create what is now known as Estancia La Margarita. In those times, La Margarita was a stopover for travelling gauchos and occasional courageous explorers who crossed the pampas on their way south. 
At La Margarita they changed horses and rested under the shade of eucalyptus trees, many of which still stand today.  The region at that time was a relatively dangerous place; marauding Indians were an occasional threat as they pillaged private property (on the land that was once theirs) and kidnapped colonizers.
A century and a half later, peace and calmness reigns at La Margarita.  The estancia is in the heart of gaucho country, and the life of the pampas goes on in much the same way as it did in the 1800s. Horses are still the preferred method of transport when working on the estancia; just as asados are cooked and mate drunk in the same way as they were in those bygone days. In fact in many ways not much has changed in this vast, beautiful area, and one cannot help but be uplifted by the tranquil and stress-free way of life that visitors can experience when they visit La Margarita and surrounding areas.
A great tourist destination for those interested in gaucho life and boinas.

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