Friday, September 12, 2014

The Gascons of Bordeaux

Who are the Gascons of Bordeaux? They live in South Gironde, between Bordeaux and the Landes forest. They do not shun the pleasure of the Bordeaux city offerings for a small urban trendy evening, but also like to hang out in the Landes forest in search of porcini to prepare a good meal to go with the wines of Graves and Sauternes.
Above all, the Gascons of Bordeaux are generous and sharers. They like to share, fight, sing, meet.
The name of Gascons of Bordeaux appeared from the desire to value the people who make South Gironde but also enhance the collaborations between the tourist offices of Graves Sauternes, Gironde Landes and of Montesquieu. Gascons of Bordeaux stands for the art of good living that prevails south of Bordeaux. The warm, festive atmosphere, the food and wine but also the rich history of this area are highlighted in a unifying banner by the promotional organisations.
How to recognize the Gascons of Bordeaux in one glance? Ah, that’s easy: they wear trendy sunglasses and a beret ... 

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