Monday, September 29, 2014

Plateaus #2

Following my earlier post today, here are some more samples of plateaus. All these berets are (obviously) in Bordeaux (or 'maroon', 'Burgundy', whatever name your prefer).The first three photographs depict berets made by Boneteria Auloronesa, from the top down: a 10p (28cm), 11p (31cm) and the Tarte Alpin 12p (33.6cm). 

To show that even when plateaus are similar, the berets can look quite different, you'll see from the top down:
 Boinas Elosegui Super Lujo 30cm
 Boinas Elosegui Txapeldun 35cm
 Italian Grande Piatto 33cm
 Argentinian boina Tolosa Tupida 30cm
UČA  29cm 

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