Sunday, September 7, 2014

Greek Civil War Berets

Greek commando, wearing fur-collared jacket supplied by the Americans and a sewn beret, waits for a guerilla target to emerge during the Greek Civil War.
Surprisingly, not many Greeks have adopted the beret, although popular in neighbouring countries Albania, and Macedonia. The enormous popularity of the Greek Fisherman's Cap may have something to do with it.
Greek army commandos on the move during the Greek Civil War.
Looking for material on Greeks and berets, I didn't get further than the military; in this case, from the Greek Civil War.
Greek government commandos near Karpenisi, equipped with British berets and American fur-trimmed jackets.
Interesting pictures in their own right though. 
Monarchist soldiers armed with a machine gun guarding a mountain garrison at Karpenisi during the Greek Civil War

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  1. Being quite an enthusiast of everything greek, I'd really like to find some particular love for berets by my neighbours, the greeks...

    but alas, I found only references to the "traiaska" or flat cap (itself being a romanian name, as far as I know) which seems to have secured a role in songs and popular culture.

    Maybe some greek reader could shed some light on berets in Greece?

    Paolo from Italy