Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Illegal Portuguese Immigrants of the 1960s

Gérald Bloncourt (born 1926), also known as Gérard Bloncourt, is a Haitian painter and photographer resident in the suburbs of Paris, France. Born in the small city of Bainet, in Haiti's Southeast Department, Bloncourt is a founding member of the Centre d'Art. Besides painting watercolors and frescoes, he also does etchings and drawings.
The photographs shown here are all of Portuguese immigrants in, or on their way to, France. Illegal immigrants, trying to make a buck in often appalling conditions.
A European story; how many Spanish, Turks, Greek, Italians did the same? These days the immigrants come from Africa and Asia and, however poor and bad conditions may have been in the 1960s, none received the hostility these new immigrants face. 


  1. The Portugee are still ilegally immigrating today to Angola, Mozambique, Spain, Greece, Italy, and Brazil! The odd thing is they typically display what is known in modern times as "hate speech" toward the above host countries yet they later go work there?
    The harsh economic collapse at home has forced them to move beyond their homeland in search of any work elsewhere so history repeats itself like in your article. Nice beret pics by the way...bacaladitos do cu.

  2. Illegaly immmigrating? To Greece? Mozambique? Come on, anonymous. Did a Portuguese woman or man break up with you and now you are anti-Portuguese? If that's the case, I forgive you. It's hard to expell the frustration. Else, you are just dellusional.