Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Akris Berets

Akris is an independent family owned fashion house established 90 years ago in St. Gallen, a Swiss town renowned for its longstanding tradition as the heart of the country's textile industry. Brothers Albert and Peter Kriemler are the third generation to head up the business. Creative director Albert Kriemler is Head of Design of Akris and Akris punto as well as the company's handbag and accessories collection launched in 2009, while CEO Peter Kriemler is at the helm of finances and management.
Akris is distributed worldwide. In addition to flagship boutiques in major cities throughout Europe, the United States, and Asia, Akris is available internationally in some 600 high-end department stores and fashion emporiums.
"Spectacularly unspectacular"-this is how one leading US American fashion critic has deftly characterized the house of Akris. Akris stands for state-of-the-art fashion that makes perfect sense, effortlessly to the needs of today's women, where true creativity and innovation segue into wearability; fashion whose clear, architecturally inspired lines will work as well tomorrow as they do today.
Ah yeah, and berets, of course...

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