Monday, December 15, 2014

Reiner Frommer

Reiner Frommer was born in Berlin in 1938. After the severe bombing of the city in 1943, he spent his childhood in a village in Swabia before moving to Hesse, where his father owned a photographt business.
Reiner Frommer -  Fisherman, taxi driver, village clerk.. Central Finland 1961
After college and studies at the School of Photography (under Martha Hoepffner), Frommer started work in his father's company and as a freelance photographer.
In 1962 he met his Finnish wife Ann-Marie and in 1978 moved with her and the two children to Finland. 
Today they have three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren and live on a farm in Helsinki with dogs, cats, alpacas and Icelandic horses.

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