Friday, December 19, 2014

Egon Schwarz, aka Schnitzer Benni

The wood artist Egon Schwarz, better known as Schnitzer Benni (Carver Benni) has made hundreds of masks.
His day begins when he fires  up the stove in his workshop. It is located in the old part of the building. He likes to take visitors to his kingdom, which throughout his life gave him and his family daily bread. 
The art of carving is what he has learned from his father, grandfather and great-grandfather. It is his life. His father made ​​ wooden movable limbs for the renowned Professor Sauerbruch during the First World War.
His workshop is like a museum of local history. Egon Schwarz has made ​​hundreds of masks made ​​of linden wood. The wood he got mostly from the Rhine Valley and from northern France.

His creativity and reliability made ​​him an artist of high standing. 

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