Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jan de Meyere

Jan (Johannes Cornelis Jacob ) de Meyere, born in the Dutch town of IJsselmonde in 1897 was a Dutch -Swedish photographer and actor.
He set up his photographic studio in Amsterdam and over time he developed his own style in portrait photography; the so-called "high-key technology" became his signature (where photographs are dominated by bright tones (highlights) and contain almost no shadows).

Jan de Meyere passed Stockholm on a trip to Russia and stayed. He established a studio in 1925 and soon became known for his artistic portraits. Jan de Meyere held frequent discussions about goals and ways in photography, and through exhibitions around the world, he represented Swedish photography.
These photographs (from 1925-1941) come from the archives of the City ofStockholm. Interestingly, many of his beret wearers are women. 

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