Saturday, December 6, 2014

Arvid Lorentz Fougstedt

Arvid Lorentz Fougstedt was a Swedish painter and cartoonist. He worked for a time as a draughtsman at the Swedish satirical magazine ‘Puck’ before moving to Paris to continue his studies. 
There he studied at the Académie Colarossi under Christian Krohg and at the Henri Matisse school. In 1916 he journeyed to Madrid where he was commissioned to copy Memling’s altar piece triptych in the Prado Museum. On his return to Sweden in 1917, his style reached a synthesis of French Empire, French Cubism, German Renaissance and Dutch early Renaissance. 
In 1918 he produced "Ingredients in David's studio" a painting statement that aligned himself with the New Objectivity movement.

He established himself as a major portrait artist. He became in 1934 a member of the Academy of Arts and in 1937 professor of drawing there.

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