Monday, April 23, 2018

Morante de la Puebla

I am not much of a bull-fighting fan (to state it mildly), but boineros are boineros and since I am the self-appointed chroniquer of anything beret, bullfighting has it’s place here.
José Antonio Morante Camacho (1979) artistically known as Morante de la Puebla, is a Spanish bullfighter.
Morante is a baroque bullfighter, known for his very particular style. For example, he is the only current matador to wear a natural coleta; his clothes show great originality and are aesthetically at a high level (for bullfighting fans, that is).
Morante de la Puebla, withdrew from the ring due to mental problems in May 2004, acknowledging that he had been under treatment for a year and a half. He returned to the ring of Reyes in 2008, but announced his definite retirement on 13 August 2017. His main reason that he is bored and society is not in favour of bullfighting (anymore). 

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  1. The prudish ENGLISH, or what i commonly refer to as the Anglosphere (Canada, USA, NZ, Aussieland, and the anglosaxonville itself - England) enjoy living their cold, domineering, and otherwise lack-lustre cultureless lifestyles. They know nothing about bullfighting, and the deeply rooted cultural tradition it has in Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Peru, and Mexico.

    This is Why when i see the Anglos coming, i just cross the street and walk on the other side of the sidewalk.