Wednesday, June 17, 2009

From Nay, in the French Pyrenees

The town of Nay in the Béarn (French Pyrenees) portrays itself as the Beret Capital of the World. If there should be anything like a beret capital in the first place, I guess Nay has good reasons to hold this title.
The only two remaining beret factories of France are both located in the area of Nay (Oloron) and Nay has it's own beret museum as well. Between 1940 and 1950 there were many more beret factories in this area, like: Barraban, Beighau, Carçabal, Faure, Lartigue (now Beatex) and Mondine.
And what would a Beret Capital be without a record number of beret-wearers in it's community? These pictures are from the World Record Beret wearers Day in Nay, a nice mix of colours and ages.

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