Friday, June 26, 2009

Bob Dylan

I have looked everywhere, but can't find a picture of Bob Dylan under a beret - maybe he never did wear one... Pictures of Dylan in his later years show him primarily with a Stetson of some kind.

He did paint some though, as I found out through the exhibition of paintings at the Chemnitz Art gallery in (the former East) Germany.

It was in 2005 that gallery director Ingrid Mössinger came across a book of sketches by Dylan in an antiquarian bookshop in Manhattan. When asked, Dylan -much to Mössinger's surprise- instantly agreed to work on an exhibition and started working on different versions of the original sketches.

The gallery said the art expressed a sense of loneliness and displacement as Dylan constantly

moved about.

"Feelings of anonymity, transience, rootlessness and sometimes loneliness pervade these representations of the people, objects and places that Dylan has seen and drawn," added the gallery.

Its president Paul Green said: "This is an incredible opportunity for viewing this powerful body of work which gives an insight into the artist's soul and which have already been the subject of widespread critical acclaim."

All paintings can be seen here and the book The Drawn Blank Series is now widely available.

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