Thursday, June 4, 2009

More White Berets

Once you start looking for white berets, you'll find a lot more than razor blades with Alem's image. Like the 1941 Argentinean movie Boina Blanca, of which I found it impossible to find more information than Hal Erickson's –not so positive- review in the All Movie Guide: 

Boina Blanca (White Beret) is set in during the Argentine Revolution of the 1890s. The story is a melodramatic imbroglio involving a pair of lovers separated by the vagaries of history and ideology. Every so often, the film stops breast-beating in favour of comedy relief. For the most part, however, Boina Blanca is an endless parade of historical re-creations, patriotic songs and righteous fervor, undoubtedly palatable for Argentine filmgoers but rough sledding for anyone else. Sabina Olmos goes through her usual weepy histrionics as the put-upon heroine, while Francisco Alvarez provides the much-needed laughs.If any of you know more about this film, or have pictures to add, please drop me a line. 

Another white beret is worn by Australian ex-navy man Jim Ford, 

the oldest survivor of the Allied fleet that patrolled the Arctic waters during WWII. 

He still dons his white beret proudly, as you can see on this link

shot at the Canberra 2009 ANZAC Memorial Day.


Nothing more than this picture I could find on the Boina Blanca Tango, by Raimundo L. Cartier. Anyone more information on this tango..?


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