Monday, June 8, 2009

Where to get your beret?

Over the last weeks I have received a number of emails from people asking me where they should go to get a good beret, or if I sell berets myself. 
In previous posts I have mentioned a few brands that I consider great quality berets and suppliers that I have good experiences with. Maybe good to repeat these here:

Boinas Elósegui from Tolosa, Spain produces one of the best berets around, or boina. Beautiful berets and quality workmanship to the last detail, from a company that has made berets for over 150 years. Elóseguis come in a range of qualities; their top of the range is the Super Lujo, but there are many more choices. 

Main colours are black, blue and red, while some berets can be ordered in brown, green and others as well. The whole range is visible on their extensive web site
To promote these beautiful berets in this part of the world, I sell the Elósegui Super Lujo in the three main colours - look here or drop me a line, if interested.  

Another brand I really like is the Tolosa Tupida (Bonigor SA), from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They produce a range range of berets in a great variety of sizes and colours. Unfortunately, the factory does not have a web site or a direct ordering facility. sell most of the range and have easy credit card payment facilities, while is cheaper and has a larger range, but no easy payment set up.
The Tolosa Tupida (code 1022) without headband is one of my favourites for daily wear and when doing chores on the land, gardening, etc (I've got four, in different colours!); less stiff than the Elosegui Super Lujo and more affordable. 
The Tolosa Tupida (code 1355/56) is, for me, the only acceptable cotton beret; a fantastic hat, beautiffully made and extremely comfortable - with or without real leather headband. 

For me, these two brands stand well above other makes, but obviously, there is a lot of personal taste involved here. 
Despite their image, I haven't seen a French beret that compares with an Elosegui, but this may be partly because of the (synthetic, sometimes leather) headbands that are more commonly used in France. 

If any specific questions, please drop me a line. 


  1. just a question, i d like to know what model you re wearing on the picture with the mariniere. thank you

  2. Ah, that's a boina Tolosa Tupida in navy merino. Cheers

  3. what beret is the best for small crown size, to wear everyday waterproof, and too last longer then me with headband? I was looking at french NIEBLA or German Baskenmütze?

    1. Thank you for your question - I have just replied via email to your email address.
      Best regards,


  4. I started collecting berets for a few years now.
    My favorite is Espinosa from Bonigor , S. A.
    Argentina. They are of good quality and fit very good