Monday, June 29, 2009

Café Accordion Orchestra

No, I've never seen these guys play, but I guess they deserve a place here for promoting the Béret.
cafe accordion logo
“Berets and Bongos” describes the Café Accordion experience. "A loungy, eclectic mix, full of French flare, Latin heat and Bohemian attitude. The heart of the Café Accordion repertoire is the romantic, gypsy-influenced valse-musette." group_bl2.gif (32021 bytes)"The group complements the musettes with swing, ballads, tangos, cha chas, rumbas, and cumbias to create a wonderfully varied show. They inject their music with good humor and expressive abandon. Their high level of musicianship and passion for performance makes them an entertaining concert act as well as a great dance band."

Well, that's what it says on the orchestra's web site.

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